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Flying to Paris

Flying to Paris, France from abroad is relatively easy. International flights most often land in Charles de Gaulle international airport. From European airports, you may also arrive in Orly Airport. Paris airports are operated by the same company (ADP website).

When you land in one of the airports, there are a number of options to reach the center of the city. Please have a look at the Ground and Transportation page.

Visa information

France has very relaxed entry requirements for visitors from certain countries, and more complicated and stringent ones for other nationalities.

U.S. and Canadian citizens planning to travel to France for short visits of 90 days or less do not need visas to enter France. A valid passport is sufficient. Exceptions exist for:

  • Journalists traveling to France on assignment
  • Crew Members on short-term assignment (film crews, etc.)
  • Individuals holding diplomatic or official passports

If you belong to one of the above categories, you need to submit a short-stay visa application to the embassy or consulate closest to you. U.S. citizens can consult the French Embassy in the United States for more details. Canadian citizens can locate their nearest French consulate here.

Since France is one of the 26 European countries belonging to the Schengen territory, U.S. and Canadian passport holders may transit into France through any of the Schengen countries without a visa or passport (please note that the United Kingdom is NOT on the list; you will need to pass through immigration inspections at the UK border, showing your valid passport).

European Union passport holders are not required to hold visas to enter France.

All other nationalities: You can find visa information corresponding to your situation and country of origin on this page at the French consular website.

If you need an invitation letter to attend the conference and apply for a visa, please advise us via the contact page sufficiently early, e.g., at the time your paper is accepted. Do not hesitate to specify the items explicitly required on the invitation letter.

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